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Making things easy is a lot harder than it looks.

Corporate marketers in distributed organizations often look for ways to make marketing easier for their frontline operations. And frequently, this makes life much harder on corporate.

Consider automated marketing campaigns and services – like managed social media, set-it-and-forget-it direct mail campaigns, and lead transfer programs. These make it easier for frontlines to execute locally customized, recurring marketing campaigns. But managing and administering these services can drain corporate resources.

Vya has figured out how to ease the burden on your frontlines and your corporate marketing team.

Introducing Campaign Automation and Subscription Services, an advanced feature of Vya’s Marketing Resource Management System.

Find out just how easy corporate and local-level marketing can be. 

Frontline focused. Corporate controlled. Vya managed.

As you work to make marketing easier for your frontlines by offering recurring marketing campaigns and services, you need a way to easily enroll frontline users and manage their participation. With Vya’s Campaign Automation and Subscription Services, we do the hard part of managing and administering all the little details related to your subscription-based marketing programs, including subscription enrollment, renewals, changes, and cancellations, payment and sales tax processing, and more. Vya can also provide end-to-end campaign and service execution – making it even easier on your corporate marketing team and your frontlines.

No matter who is responsible for service execution – your corporate team, Vya, or another third-party provider – Vya manages the complexities of subscription administration.


Use Data to Your Advantage

With Vya supporting the data management details, your automated campaigns and subscriptions can be more robust and targeted.

Example applications

Put marketing services subscription management to work in your organization.

Vya’s Campaign Automation and Subscription Services feature enables local-level turnkey marketing programs with:

  • Varied levels of service (e.g., basic, premium, ultra, etc.)
  • Flexible fee structure – ability to charge a setup fee and fixed or variable recurring charges
  • Extended campaign duration, up to a year or more
  • Local-level customizability
  • List assignment/selection at the local or corporate level, or triggered by data
  • Payment by credit card, budgets, or co-op dollars

Set It & Forget It Campaigns

Offer frontlines subscriptions to participate in scheduled and triggered campaigns:

  • recurring acquisition mailers
  • limited time offers (LTOs)
  • appointment scheduling reminders
  • renewal notices
  • customer birthday cards
  • customer anniversary messages
  • seasonal campaigns

Managed Social Media Services

Make local social media easier for frontline teams with managed services for executing organic posts and social media ads. Vya manages the subscriptions while corporate executes the locally customized social media programs, either with its internal team or with a third-party social media provider.

Incoming Lead Transfer Services

Provide frontlines the opportunity to subscribe to receive leads generated through corporate marketing. Vya manages these subscriptions which can be set up with a fixed or variable fee structure based on number of leads per month or a monthly budget threshold.


Easy for Your Frontlines

Enable your frontlines to subscribe through Vya’s system to participate in recurring, customizable marketing campaigns and services, giving users:

  • Convenience of set-it-and-forget it automated campaigns
  • Volume savings from services bulked across users’ orders, lines of business and brands
  • Ability to market strategically by planning ahead and scheduling marketing over a longer timeframe, like quarterly or a full year
  • Ability to accomplish more and manage more services from a single portal
  • Vya support is there to answer all subscription-related questions

Easy for Your Corporate Team

Reduce the administrative burden of subscription-based marketing campaigns and services. Let Vya manage it for you.

  • End user enrollments, changes, renewals, and cancellations; billing and payment collection; adjustments and credits
  • Compliance with sales tax collection and filing for all US jurisdictions
  • Simultaneous availability of services and campaigns to all end users or corporate-designated subsets
  • Ability to view and track frontline participation
  • Increased brand consistency from subscribers to corporate-approved recurring marketing programs
  • Increased brand awareness from more involvement in marketing initiatives at the local level
  • Vya support handles subscriber questions so you can focus on marketing programs


Advance your marketing with turnkey, local-level marketing programs.
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