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Ease the marketing burden on your frontlines AND your corporate marketing team.

Vya’s Campaign Automation and Subscription Services is a new feature within our Marketing Resource Management System. With this feature you can enable your frontlines to subscribe to ongoing marketing initiatives and services that Vya manages and administers. For example, you could offer set-it-&-forget-it localized continuity campaigns, managed social media services, incoming lead transfer services, and more.

Depending on the service being provided, it can be executed by Vya, your corporate office, or a 3rd party. But no matter how fulfilled, Vya takes care of administering all the little details related to the subscription including enrollment, payment and sales tax processing, subscription changes, and more.

Request a demo today to see how Campaign Automation and Subscription Services enables you to provide local-level turnkey marketing programs that can:

  • Have varying levels of service (i.e. Basic, Premium, Ultra, etc.)
  • Run for an extended period of time
  • Be customizable at the local level
  • Have local-level, corporate-level, or triggered list assignment
  • Be paid for over time via credit card, budgets, or co-op dollars.

Request a demo to learn more.



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