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As WesBanco was driving exponential growth, the corporate marketing department often found itself operating in reaction mode, which made it challenging to develop and implement strategic marketing programs.

WesBanco reached out to 13 different companies in search of an end-to-end marketing resource management solution, ultimately choosing Vya. Solution highlights include:

  • WesBanco marketing catalog – an online, self-service, one-stop shop for ordering all things WesBanco
  • Requests management – local requests for things like checks for donations and sponsorship are now handled through the system, which also provides tracking
  • Advertisements – the system contains a variety of approved ad templates that can easily be customized for use in local markets
  • Onboarding kits - new mortgage loan officers and treasury management professionals have immediate access to personalized items
  • Printing and distribution – Vya prints and ships ordered materials directly to where they are needed
  • Budget management system – purchases are automatically tied to branch budgets


According to Amy Lowers, WesBanco’s Vice President and Regional Marketing Officer, “the Vya solution has enabled our marketing team to support the tremendous growth of WesBanco while at the same time improving marketing operations efficiencies.” The solution has made positive impacts on the marketing department and company-wide:

  • 75% reduction in administrative tasks previously performed by the marketing team
  • Marketing team has increased capacity without additional headcount
  • Reduced waste and warehousing

"Our marketing team is no longer consumed with administrative execution. We're now able to help branches in ways we never have before."

- Amy Lowers, Vice President and Regional Marketing Officer, WesBanco Bank

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