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As the Kona Ice franchise organization continued to grow, and its localized marketing needs multiplied, the company understood that it needed to find ways to give franchisees more local marketing control while maintaining brand fidelity and consistency.

Kona tapped Vya to bring its marketing resource management (MRM) system and print production services to Kona franchisees. Solution highlights include:

  • An online system providing franchisees access to templated and customizable marketing materials
  • Print production and fulfillment
  • Custom creative request management
  • Automated e-newsletters


According to Jessica Ross, Head of Branding and Digital Marketing at Kona Ice, “Overall, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of custom requests and we are much more efficient. We’ve been able to manage our growth with our existing marketing team, and I think our designers are happier too because they are spending more time designing and less time shuffling emails back and forth.”

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"Our franchisees love the Vya system. It's easy for them to find the marketing materials they need, and with a few clicks they can customize templated materials. Because they are using our corporate-designed materials, our brand is being consistently represented across the country."

- Jessica Ross, Head of Branding and Digital Marketing, Kona Ice

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