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poweredByVyaDATARestaurant franchisors partner with Vya to advance their marketing operation with Vya’s data-driven marketing portal.

Vya brings data intelligence and fully-integrated marketing systems together to advance your marketing effectiveness at both the corporate and local level.

Request a demo to see how Vya can help:

  • Enable adjustable menu pricing at the local level

  • Enable flexible menu item offerings

  • Produce and distribute rightsized LTO kits

  • Provide advanced customization of your
    local marketing campaigns

  • Execute data-driven marketing campaigns

  • Support franchisee local marketing self-service

  • Reduce custom creative requests

Request a demo to learn more.

"Vya's dedicated approach to simplified local marketing execution aligns with Wayback Burgers' commitment to making it easy for franchisees to enter the restaurant business."

-Pat Conlin, Senior Vice President, Wayback Burgers




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